Connection Groups

Connection Groups are at the heart of everything we do at Skycrest. We believe the best place to experience sustained life change is in the context of a small group. We call our small groups Connection Groups. They are a place to build meaningful relationships, study God's Word, and grow spiritually together.

Below is listed our groups on Sunday morning at 9:00 AM

We also have groups that meet Wednesday nights at 6:45 PM, and various other times throughout the week. If you aren't already involved in a Connection Group, get connected today

9:00 a.m. - Sunday Morning Connection GROUPS

Visitors welcome. Childcare is provided. Go to the Connection Desk in the Lobby for help getting to a class.

  • Perry group - Married with Kids

    Our group is geared toward parents, but is open to everyone as this Summer we explore what it means to (1) give Jesus all that we have so that we may find more out of this life, and (2) surviving spiritually in a world that does not nurture and is sometimes hostile to God.

  • Trebino Group - SChool conference room

    Our group is made up of all different people in various walks with God. Most are married with kids, though the kids range from little ones to adults. We are currently doing a Tony Evans study on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John. We also enjoy spending time together outside of church.

  • Encouragers Group - SENIOR Adults

    Our group is full of servant hearts. We regularly minister to a local nursing home, go out to lunch together, and greet each other Sunday mornings with psalms and hymns, and spiritual songs. We enjoy going through the quarterly Lifeway Bible Studies and have recently been studying Paul's letters to the Corinthians. While the bulk of those who attend are or retirement age, we enjoy studying with a few members of the younger generations.

  • Shay/Davis Group - GATHERING ROOM

    Our group loves studying God's Word and building a Christian community worthy of our savior's name. We put a high priority on rightly dividing the word of truth and applying it to our lives. We find that we worship God best when we know more deeply who He is and what it means for us to be His children.

  • KRick Group - YOung ADULTS

    *** This Summer, the Krick Group is meeting with the Shay/Davis group in the Gathering Room for a joint lesson on the Book of Judges. ***

    Our group is full of young people undergoing the process of "leaving and cleaving." During this life stage we seek to establish strong, personal faith and this Summer are focusing on Tough Questions that every young believer will be confronted with in life.


These groups are open to everyone. They meet on campus or in the community. Childcare is provided for the groups on campus.

  • Wednesday Night Groups @ 6:45 pm

    Our group keeps the Children's Ministry full of kids on Wednesday Nights! This Spring we are continuing our study in the book of Acts, discovering what the church (and our group) can look like when we are led fully by God's Spirit.

  • Our group enjoys digging deep into scripture and deep into prayer. This Spring we are going verse-by-verse through a book of the bible.


    AT the krick home MondayS @ 7pm

    Our group loves to share a meal, share of our lives, and share a guided discussion of God's revelation. This Spring we are seeking to understand God’s Mission and our place in it. We also set aside time for Women's and Men's accountability. Text Kim Krick for directions: (727) 422-7270.