Wednesday NightS

Our midweek programs begin at 6:45 on Wednesday Nights. This includes our main THRIVE Student Gathering, Men's and Women's groups, and a few more groups for all ages. Childcare is provided. Visitors are welcome.

  • SCott Group - Adults with kids

    Our group is full of people who love to serve. While many of us serve on Sundays, on Wednesdays all of us gather together to encourage one another in our walks. We don't all have kids, but we are certainly thankful for the SkyKids ministry which allows us to spend an hour focused on God, our peers, and our callings.

  • Steven Perry - MEN's STUDY GROUP

    Our group has a great mix of longtime leaders, and newtime believers. Jesus calls his church to disciple the nations, and we believe that begins in groups just like ours as we all share of our experience and touch on some of the more sensitive issues of life. If you've got big questions and are looking for a group of men that will help bear your burden, or if you too have a heart for discipleship, come next Wednesday and make a connection.

  • Stephens Group - COUPLES

    Our group meets every other Wednesday and explores the recent sermon topics for greater depth and life application. We are committed to responding to the daily and emergent trials of life with the truth of God’s scripture and the hope of God’s gospel.


    Studying the Sermon on the Mount this Fall.

    Sunday morning sermons are filled with life-application and the expounding of universal truths. On Wednesday Nights, our group dives deeper into the source of those truths, scripture. Sometimes we move fast, sometimes we move slow, but we always take the time necessary to understand what and why God is communicating to us in each of the biblical books we study. We also take time to pray for the needs of our church and the prayer requests of those who are unable to attend a small group.


Check out our Women's ministry page, which also features a Wednesday Night group. We also have groups that meet on Sunday and Monday.

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  • Sundays @ 9AM

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  • Skycrest Home Group at The Krick's home
    Mondays @7pm

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