Our groups fill a unique niche at Skycrest. We meet off campus in homes and emphasize the idea of "living life together." Many of us are unmarried or without kids, but our ages stretch from 18 to somewhere "just past" 40. Our format is generally an hour of guided discussion on a biblical passage and an hour of Women's and Men's accountability. It is in this second hour that God-based friendships have really blossomed. If you have not been in this type of group, it will change your perspective on what it means to belong to a church.

This Fall, beginning September 9th and 10th, we will have two Home Groups. You can hop in at any time and enjoy community along with us.

  • Steve and Kim Krick host one at 7-9pm on Mondays.
    Text Kim for directions: (727) 422-7270
  • Ben and Kim Hanson host one at 3-4:30pm on Sundays. This group has childcare and is geared toward young adults and parents of young children. Contact Kim (561) 281-8219 for more info.